Monday, September 16, 2013

Review on "Staying Alive" by Jodi Enda (AJR, 9/5/12)

"The journalism is the easy part. Supporting it is hard."

This quote from "Staying Alive" sums up what journalism nonprofits struggle with daily. 

As if being a journalist isn't enough of a financial burden, running your own business- a journalism nonprofit- can't be that much easier, at least at first. 

For projects as huge and eager as a journalism nonprofit, sources of revenue definitely need to be constantly flowing in, which is why multiple benefactors are important. ProPublica is a great example of a journalism nonprofit success story. To have the money first was a smart idea, though I'm sure most journalists are impatient and just want to report what's out there, now. 

More importantly, journalism nonprofits "are providing a haven, if only for a small percentage of refugees. More important, they are providing the means for journalists to produce significant work."

Staying alive is only the second hardest step; the first is being born. 

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