Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Review on "Don't stamp out brainy mags" (Boston Globe editorial, 4/27/07)

It's no wonder no one subscribes to magazines or newspapers anymore- it's too expensive! By the United States Postal Service's "rate shock," small magazines like The Nation is almost a death sentence. Price protection for publications like this are crucial, as they "add politically and socially diverse voices to the public arena." And as The Nation's president said, mailing out subscriptions plays a huge part in how small magazines like them make their money. Though they still publish online, that is merely supplemental to their published print edition. The USPS's move essentially did suppress the freedom of information, as many people won't pay in the first place, and definitely won't pay for more. I agree that we need a better system that will allows our country to gain access to as much information as they can, and at a good price.

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