Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Taking a look at LegalInsurrection.com

Legal insurrection is defined as "a rising up against established authority; rebellion; revolt" or "in conformity with or permitted by law," by LegalInsurrection.com

LI has been around for five years this October, and has since expanded to other blogs like College Insurrection. Taking a look at some of the posts, it is very obvious that this is a conservative political blog in nature. 

The top post this morning is "His voracious reading habit is historic" A tweet from LI simply said, "Barf" in response to an article about President Obama's readings habits and favorite columnists. LI got a tweet back from their College Insurrection blogger, Aleister, saying, "If Obama has a 'voracious' reading habit, why didn't he know about all of his scandals? Oh right, he reads the NYTs."

Other posts are geared towards the Obama administration, specifically regarding 'Obamacare.' One post, "Losing your health plan was baked into Obamacare regs," is charged at how Obamacare is built on empty promises. Jacobson says, "Democrats are downplaying the disruption to 14 million people." He cites NBC News, saying they "republished the [Obamacare] story at a new url, and removed one key paragraph without explanation."

The move NBC made is overtly sketchy, and Jacobson was clearly not the only one to notice. The article removed about 80 words, but as of this morning, that paragraph has been restored. 

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