Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Review on Mike Allen's "Hartford Courant Buys 5 Weeklies, Tabloid Offspring Of 60's Voices" (4/15/99)

I had no idea that this happened. Who would have ever thought that a very well to do daily newspaper like the Hartford Courant would buy out five alternative weeklies? This move definitely represents "a novel extension of the control over local voices enjoyed by publishers in one-newspaper cities." 

I'm not surprised that "some readers reacted with alarm to The Courant, seen as reliable but bland, adopting the lively Advocate chain. The local arts community treated today's announcement like a death in the family."

Either way, I'm glad the publications remained separate, and that The Courant's publisher believed that the alternative press would "play an important role in keeping all media, including The Courant, on its toes." I don't think the publications that were bought would have agreed to it any other way. 

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