Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Review on "Should journalists be truth vigilantes? Hell, yeah!"

I'm not quite sure if the link to the story we were supposed to read exists anymore, but I was directed here when I typed it in.

Obviously, journalists should report the truth, but this article kind of confuses me. Yeah, we should find the truth...isn't that what we're doing already?

I suppose what this blogger means is we shouldn't just report the news because we hear it. We should challenge what we think is the truth, and seek that it is  in fact the truth. Like the saying, "Don't trust anyone," I suppose, is a good one to follow if you're a journalist. 

I also agree we shouldn't "make nice" with our sources, but only to some extent. We need the information for a reason, and I never want to burn any bridges to inhibit my access to information. Yes, we have to be pushy, but as polite as possible until it's absolutely necessary to be less than polite. We should fight for the truth, but we also shouldn't fight too hard. 

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