Thursday, November 14, 2013

Review on Sidney Blumenthal's "Why Kerry should sue the Sun" (The Guardian, 2/18/04)

And this is why I've never seriously read the Drudge Report and never will:
"'Screw journalism! The whole thing's a fraud anyway,' Drudge once proclaimed. Though he calls himself an "information anarchist", he is anything but independent. He is a reliable submissive to his partisan "sources". One independent study of his "exclusive" stories determined that only one-third were true. His latest "intern" revelation is the sound of his master's voice at the beginning of a campaign Republicans fear losing."
How do people still read The Drudge Report if the above is true? I guess for the same reason that people pick up the tabloids you see as you're waiting in line at the grocery store.

Since there's an abundance of evidence proving Matt Drudge's "exclusive" report false, I wonder if people will believe this story about John Kerry if they stumbled upon it today, or a few years ago. Even more interesting, I'm shocked (sort of) this story made it out of the US and over to London. Since spending last semester in London, I know that The Sun is one of those grocery store tabloids not to be trusted. So why should people believe it?

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