Thursday, November 7, 2013

Review on "Transparency is the new objectivity" (, 7/19/09)

I completely agree with the first paragraph of this blog. Objectivity is something that when I came into school as a freshman, thought was just what journalists always practiced, kind of like their own journalism religion. Well, now I'm a senior and I've seen how hard it is to stay objective. How can we be, when we already have our own set of ideologies, whether we like it or not? No one is really a blank slate, unless, I suppose, they've never set foot outside, turned on a TV, surfed the Internet or read a newspaper.

While I am still more likely to trust a newspaper before some blogger on the Internet, you can't always be so sure. That's why transparency can be better. But then, wouldn't that just mean you're writing an op-ed? Where is the line between fact and opinion? 

"Objectivity without transparency increasingly will look like arrogance. And then foolishness. Why should we trust what one person — with the best of intentions — insists is true when we instead could have a web of evidence, ideas, and argument?"

Why should I even trust this blogger?

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