Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Review on Matt Drudge's "World Exclusive: Woman Names Bill Clinton Father of Son in Shocking Video Confession" (DrudgeReport, 1/6/99)

So I couldn't actually view this video, but I was able to read the transcript. Just reading it, the story sounds outrageous. What happened to this story? I looked it up...can't find anything. All the stories I did find don't have any links or appears to be a hoax. Also, the fact I've only just heard of this scandal makes me all the more skeptical. The things I did find regarding this "story," were conspiracy websites and gossip stories, comparing Bill Clinton side by side with Danny Williams...sorry, they don't look anything alike.

I'm not sure where this whole story came from, but this doesn't seem sincere, especially when Drudge says, "What becomes immediately obvious to the viewer watching the videotaped confession is that this is clearly not gossip, rumor or anonymous charges being maliciously directed at a politician....And there is something sad and lonely about the woman's story the way she tells it." 

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